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Interested in adopting a pet? CCHS has many cats and dogs to choose from- beyond what you see below.


We are the "guardian angels" of homeless animals who often come from difficult circumstances: neglect, abuse, etc. 

You can understand why we are so passionate about their well-being, and do our best to find matches that work well for everyone involved. Before you apply, please read the following:

If the pet you are interested in is still available when we receive your application, AND if your application is a good match, we will contact your veterinarian to check your vetting history. This is a requirement before an application can be approved.


We may ask you to consider another pet instead, if we believe another pet is better suited to your family's needs.


We may decide to take more applications before placing the pet for adoption. Some pets have special needs, and it is in their best interest to wait for a perfect placement.


We may decline your application, either due to your pet history or your current circumstances for care and keeping of a pet. While saying 'no' is hard, sometimes it is in everyone's best interest. You may wish to reapply if your circumstances change.


You may change your mind or decide that none of our current pets are right for you. Withdrawing your application does not affect your ability to adopt from us later.

For our complete adoption policies, guidelines, and fee schedule, please click here.

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