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     When you welcome your newest furry family member into your home, we recommend that they be microchipped as soon as possible. If they are already microchipped, ensure that they are registered in your name with updated information.

     If you lose your pet, check your local animal shelters and provide them a printed photo. Posting photos and information about your lost pet on local animal welfare social media sites is also another option.


Below are a few online resources available:

Missing Pet Network:

Pet Amber Alert:

Lost my Kitty:

Lost my Doggie:

America's National Lost and Found Pet Database:

Help Me Find My Pet:

Pet Recovery Services:

Fido Finder:

Pets 911:

Lost and Found:

Missing Pet Partnership:

Wagging Tails:

Pet Search:

Find Toto:

Pet Microchip Lookup:

Lost and Found Pets America:

Animal Legal and Historical Center:

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